What Works – John Kerry Criticizes Iran and Russia for Helping Syria – 3-4-13

U.S. Senator Kerry testifies during his Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearing to be secretary of state, on Capitol Hill in Washington

For my “what works” this week I chose an article from the New York Times. The article was called, “Kerry Criticizes Iran and Russia for Shipping Arms to Syria,” by Michael R. Gordon. I clicked on this article because the title was very straightforward. I also choose this article because John Kerry just became the Secretary of State of the United Sates of America and has already caused some controversy with foreign relations.

What Kind of Leads are used? Gordon uses a hard news lead. Gordon is straightforward with what lead which tells the read what the article is going to be about. He tells the reader of the countries, which include Russia, U.S. and Syria, as well as the role players.

What devices does the author use? Well Gordon uses the text to tell the story, however his what works here is how he uses links within words. He uses words like “Russia,” “Syria,” “nuclear programs,” to get the viewer new pages to learn more about the particular link.

What is the nutgraph? “Making a case for providing increased support to the Syrian opposition, Secretary of State John Kerry criticized Russia and Iran on Monday for continuing to ship arms to President Bashar al-Assad of Syria.”  This is the nutgraph of the story in my opinion. It tells the reader the whole story in this one sentence.

How many different sources were used?    John Kerry, Saudi Foreign Minister,

Other multimedia used in this article?      The only multimedia used in this article for the New York Times were links the viewer can click on. This worked actually really well because it would open a new page and have another article within the same genre. I think click on links work really well in blogs and news articles because it keeps reader interested in my opinion.

Select a different multimedia?     I think a visual interview with John Kerry would really make this article have a little bit more depth. The writing and links are good in this article but it needs a video of John Kerry speaking of the matter or even pictures of missiles. I think a picture of Syria’s President Basher Al-Assad would also make this piece more intriguing. Altogether I think Gordon did a good job writing the article but I think It would be more improved with more multimedia.





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