FINAL PITCH – 3-25-2013

My pitch for my final project is to ask questions concerning the controversy of Mississippi’s confederate rebel flag that is still in use today. I want to interview students and adults living in Oxford and ask them about what the flags mean to them. Many students at the University of Mississippi have confederate flags hanging in their houses and in their rooms but mainly have them because they have pride living in Mississippi and is usually not race related. The flag that Mississippi still uses today has had a lot of negativity around since it was used in America’s Civil War, which lasted from 1861 to 1865.  Oxford has a rich tradition and has no room for racial tension which the University has no tolerance for. However, recently after President Obama won his second term in presidency, there was a small riot outside the freshmen dorms. So what does this flag mean to people? Does it mean the same as It did a century go? Do alumni not want to change it? Should it be changed? Why is this flag still such a big deal?

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