War Drums- North and South Korea – 4-1-13

South Korea

Photo Taken By:     Kim Jae-Hwan/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

For my “what works” for this week, I choose to write about Choe Sang-Sun article from the New York Times. the title of the article is called, “South Korea Gives Military Leeway to Answer North.” Hun begins his article by talking about South Korea’s President, Park Guen Hye, and how he gave his military leaders immediate response of return fire by any act of war by the North. Hun also states how both leaders of the North and the South are still unproven with their overall leadership. Hun uses a narrative lead for the first paragraph.

I thought Hun’s narrative lead really engages the reader to know more about the story. The issue of North Korea having nuclear arms is a big deal to the world which is the reason why I choose this article particularly. Here is a quote from President Hye:

 “I consider the current North Korean threats very serious,” Ms. Park told the South’s generals on Monday. “If the North attempts any provocation against our people and country, you must respond strongly at the first contact with them without any political consideration.”

Hun continues his article by talking about the new leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un who has recently threaten South Korea and western Allies that it will take military action by sending nuclear bombs to cities in the United States, which include Los Angeles, Austin and New York City.

 “By raising these nuclear threats, he is ensuring that his country has regained the military balance it had lost to prosperous South Korea before shifting his attention more to the economy,” Mr. Cheong said. “He is more calculating than all these threats make outsiders believe.”

Hun than goes on to talk about how North Korea is trying to change up its economy even though its been hurt since the UN sanctions over North Korea’s nuclear program. I like how Hun re-informs the reader of what has happened in the last decades. Hun also has a quote from a North Korea specialist comparing Kim Jong-un to his late father Kim Jon Ill:

“Behind all these nuclear threats is his intention to cement North Korea’s status as a nuclear power,” said Koh Yu-hwan, a North Korea specialist at Dongguk University in Seoul. “Unlike his father, who liked to make decisions in secret, Kim Jong-un has been remarkably open, calling various state and party meetings and having his decisions announced in their names. In a way, he is spreading responsibility for a possible failure of policy.”

Hun finishes his article by talking about how Kim just appointed one of his military leaders to a premier position over his military. Overall, I think Hun did a great job of writing this article. He had a lot of sources and a lot of new information for readers to read about. The North Korea arms issue, is a big deal for most countries all over the world.



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