Eric Foner on the Confederate Flag 4-22-13

American Historian Eric Foner talks about the history as well as the present issue the confederate flag has on people in the United States. Foner explains the historical symbols and markers the flag represents to citizens mainly in the South. Foner is a History Professor at Columbia University and has served as president of three major professional organizations which include Organization of American Historians, American Historical Association and Society of American Historians.

 “Despite claims that the flying of the Confederate flag is a tradition dating back to the Civil War, the fact is that for years after that devastating conflict few white Southerners felt any desire to memorialize the Confederacy. The cult of the Lost Cause did not flourish until the 1890s, just as a new system of racial inequality resting on disenfranchisement and segregation was being created throughout the South.”    

– Eric Foner

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“Accidental Racist” by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J? 4-11-13


Country singer Brad Paisley and rap artist LL Cool J., collaborate on a new song called, “Accidental Racist.” According to AP music writer Chris Talbott, “At its heart, “Accidental Racist” is about how cultural symbols favored by whites and blacks – the fashion choice of wearing Confederate flags or baggy pants, for instance – come loaded with meaning.” Paisley uses the confederate flag as a symbol in the music video, saying whites are caught between “Southern Pride and Southern Blame.” There has been mixed reaction from people across the nation.