Eric Foner on the Confederate Flag 4-22-13

American Historian Eric Foner talks about the history as well as the present issue the confederate flag has on people in the United States. Foner explains the historical symbols and markers the flag represents to citizens mainly in the South. Foner is a History Professor at Columbia University and has served as president of three major professional organizations which include Organization of American Historians, American Historical Association and Society of American Historians.

 “Despite claims that the flying of the Confederate flag is a tradition dating back to the Civil War, the fact is that for years after that devastating conflict few white Southerners felt any desire to memorialize the Confederacy. The cult of the Lost Cause did not flourish until the 1890s, just as a new system of racial inequality resting on disenfranchisement and segregation was being created throughout the South.”    

– Eric Foner

Starkville, MS – Police go High-Tech with New Drones – March 20, 2013


The Starkville Police Department has new police drones thanks to a close partnership with Mississippi State University, the SPD will have three different state of the art robotics at its fingertips. MSU is one of the first schools that let the police department use drones around campus.

DRONES – DMR Granted permit to use drones


The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources wanted to fly a two-pound toy helicopter with a camera attached over remote marshland to monitor invasive species. However, the FAA regulators for a using a toy helicopter are the same rules for predator drones, meaning that they weren’t allowed to use the drone without a professional pilot and observer.

   “The whole beginning of this was that we got the idea that we could use a remote control helicopter to find invasive plants in places where it became impossible to go by boat,” said Mike Pursley, DMR’s aquatic invasive species coordinator and field project manager.

The College Food App. Pitch


My pitch would be to have a crew of college students that go around Oxford and rate restaurants on taste, atmosphere, and overall price. College students do not like spending too much money on food, but they do like eating out. I think there could be an app for people living in Oxford that rates each restaurant based on different types of categories. Anyone who joins this smartphone app. can put their own input and thoughts on a restaurant and their experience there. This would not only help students find a new place to eat but also give more restaurants exposure. I have lived in Oxford for five years and I it amazes me that I don’t know every restaurant because I haven’t heard of them. I think this app could really help out students, oxford residents and restaurant owners. If this app got big enough, maybe these restaurants could let us film or take pictures inside them.